The Kirkleatham 5k Fun Run change event

Last minute registration is available at the event. On-line registration has been temporarily suspended as we prepare for the race. Thank you.

How do I register?

To register please click here.

Do I need to register for every race in the series at the same time?

No, you only need to register once for the whole series, even if you cannot make all the races.

Do I collect my race number on the day?

Yes, once you have registered your details you will be given a unique 'Barcode' on the day, which you will hand back after you have come through the finishing funnel.

Where do I keep my barcode whilst running?

You can either keep the barcode in a pocket or pin it to your top.

What happens if I lose my barcode during the run?

If you lose your barcode you will show as 'Unknown' on the results even though you will still have a time and position.

Do I pay on the day?

Yes, when you collect your barcode you will pay your entry fee.

Where do I find the results?

The results will be posted the next day on the following sites:

Are there toilet and refreshment facilities available?

Yes, all venues have toilets and refreshments (Most with bacon butties)!

Is there Parking available?

Yes, there is always parking at each race; all are FREE apart from Pinchinthorpe (£1 all day). Some parking is limited so car sharing is advisable.