Muddy Roads Tees Trail Summer Series 2019

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Series Results

Have run 4 races or more. Score will be the sum of the runners best 4 positions. Lowest score wins.

IDNameSurnameClubScoreCatNum Races RunBest Positions
A5791AbbieHullQuakers Running Club344F354 Lord Stones 80th , Preston Park 82nd , Pinchinthorpe 5k 88th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 94th
A5586AdrianBellUnattached113M454 Newham Grange 5k 18th , Preston Park 20th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 33rd , Lord Stones 42nd
A5112AlisterRobsonFetch Everyone213M454 Preston Park 35th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 49th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 63rd , Lord Stones 66th
A5514Amanda Waller New Marske Harriers362F554 Newham Grange 5k 73rd , Preston Park 87th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 100th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 102nd
A5789AndrewRobsonUnattached197M504 Preston Park 43rd , Lord Stones 49th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 52nd , Pinchinthorpe 5k 53rd
A5515BrianWatsonUnattached337M604 Newham Grange 5k 62nd , Preston Park 81st , Lord Stones 87th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 107th
A5598CalumTitleyUnattached80MS4 Preston Park 18th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 18th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 22nd , Lord Stones 22nd
A5757CarolineLambertRibble Valley Harriers15FS4 Lord Stones 2nd , Newham Grange 5k 2nd , Preston Park 4th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 7th
A5107CarolynArmitageUnattached439F505 Newham Grange 5k 71st , Lord Stones 113rd , Preston Park 127th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 128th
A5709ChrisHullahNew Marske Harriers70MS4 Newham Grange 5k 11th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 17th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 21st , Lord Stones 21st
A5716ChrisWatsonRedcar Running Club194MS5 Newham Grange 5k 39th , Preston Park 42nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 55th , Lord Stones 58th
A5711ChristopherRoeRedcar Running Club388M455 Newham Grange 5k 72nd , Preston Park 101st , Lord Stones 105th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 110th
A5615ChristopherWrightNorth York Moors AC268M605 Lord Stones 54th , Newham Grange 5k 59th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 72nd , Preston Park 83rd
A5854ClaireTurnerUnattached566F404 Newham Grange 5k 95th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 148th , Lord Stones 151st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 172nd
A5117ClareWinspearUnattached295F554 Newham Grange 5k 51st , Preston Park 72nd , Lord Stones 78th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 94th
A5516ColinChidzeyUnattached197M404 Newham Grange 5k 35th , Preston Park 46th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 57th , Lord Stones 59th
A5765DaisyJohnsonBillingham Marsh House Harriers226FY5 Newham Grange 5k 36th , Lord Stones 50th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 66th , Preston Park 74th
A5729DavidMatthewQuakers Running Club47MS5 Newham Grange 5k 6th , Lord Stones 12th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 14th , Preston Park 15th
A5748Deb CallaghanUnattached394F554 Newham Grange 5k 57th , Lord Stones 108th , Preston Park 112nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 117th
A5116DebbieZipfellUnattached357F455 Newham Grange 5k 63rd , Lord Stones 90th , Preston Park 98th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 106th
A5114DeborahJefferiesDarlington Harriers496F355 Newham Grange 5k 89th , Preston Park 128th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 132nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 147th
A5511DerekGeorgeUnattached516M554 Newham Grange 5k 96th , Preston Park 125th , Lord Stones 141st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 154th
A5695DonnaBlackwellRedcar Running Club396F355 Newham Grange 5k 64th , Preston Park 106th , Lord Stones 110th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 116th
A5522Doreen Morris Stockton Striders AC440F405 Newham Grange 5k 77th , Lord Stones 115th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 119th , Preston Park 129th
A5574EmmaFosterRedcar Running Club536F354 Lord Stones 129th , Preston Park 130th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 134th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 143rd
A5507FinlayPenningtonStockton Striders AC95MS4 Newham Grange 5k 16th , Preston Park 23rd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 28th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 28th
A5727FionaRowlingSwift Tees320F555 Newham Grange 5k 52nd , Lord Stones 82nd , Preston Park 91st , Pinchinthorpe 5k 95th
A5751FraserAllanBillingham Marsh House Harriers86MY4 Lord Stones 17th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 21st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 23rd , Preston Park 25th
A5669GaryMendumRedcar Running Club341MS4 Newham Grange 5k 50th , Preston Park 86th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 96th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 109th
A5809GemmaWalkerRedcar Running Club533FS5 Newham Grange 5k 78th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 145th , Preston Park 154th , Lord Stones 156th
A5697HarryLyonsDarlington Harriers69MY4 Preston Park 12th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 12th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 19th , Lord Stones 26th
A5626HelenAdamsonBillingham Marsh House Harriers129F405 Newham Grange 5k 25th , Preston Park 27th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 38th , Lord Stones 39th
A5523IanMorris Stockton Striders AC415M454 Newham Grange 5k 69th , Preston Park 104th , Lord Stones 118th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 124th
A5577IsobelHarrisonBillingham Marsh House Harriers289FY4 Newham Grange 5k 56th , Preston Park 70th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 77th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 86th
A5539JackieBennettStockton Striders AC476F505 Newham Grange 5k 81st , Lord Stones 126th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 133rd , Preston Park 136th
A5811JamesNewtonRedcar Running Club28MS4 Preston Park 1st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 7th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 10th , Lord Stones 10th
A5529JoanneScottHartlepool Burn Road Harriers207F504 Newham Grange 5k 33rd , Preston Park 45th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 64th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 65th
A5805JohnRobinsonUnattached198M404 Newham Grange 5k 29th , Preston Park 51st , Pinchinthorpe 5k 57th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 61st
A5818JohnMcintyreUnattached116M504 Newham Grange 5k 21st , Lord Stones 29th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 32nd , Pinchinthorpe 5k 34th
A5591JonathonArcherStockton Striders AC35M404 The Pine Forest 5k Trail 8th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 8th , Newham Grange 5k 8th , Lord Stones 11th
A5876KarenGeldartFell Runners Association290F504 Newham Grange 5k 46th , Lord Stones 77th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 82nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 85th
A5559KayBellQuakers Running Club565F505 Newham Grange 5k 97th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 152nd , Lord Stones 157th , Preston Park 159th
A5771KeithBindoffMiddlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers21M404 Preston Park 2nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 6th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 6th , Lord Stones 7th
A5880KennyJohnsonBillingham Marsh House Harriers184M454 The Pine Forest 5k Trail 29th , Newham Grange 5k 37th , Lord Stones 51st , Pinchinthorpe 5k 67th
A5584KerryJarvisNorth York Moors AC513F454 Newham Grange 5k 76th , Lord Stones 128th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 147th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 162nd
A5644KevinWilkinson Redcar Running Club103M405 Newham Grange 5k 14th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 25th , Preston Park 26th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 38th
A5115KeyleighHullahUnattached287FS4 Newham Grange 5k 48th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 76th , Lord Stones 76th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 87th
A5685LisaRutterRedcar Running Club294F404 Newham Grange 5k 53rd , Lord Stones 73rd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 83rd , Preston Park 85th
A5708MarkTaylorRedcar Running Club59MS5 Preston Park 9th , Newham Grange 5k 12th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 18th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 20th
A5557MarkLoweLonely Goat Running Club65M505 Newham Grange 5k 10th , Preston Park 16th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 19th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 20th
A5558MarkGeldartFell Runners Association167M455 Newham Grange 5k 34th , Preston Park 40th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 46th , Lord Stones 47th
A5533MartinWeatherillTrail Running Association435M504 Newham Grange 5k 82nd , Lord Stones 111st , Preston Park 116th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 126th
A5836MartinStokesUnattached159M604 Newham Grange 5k 24th , Lord Stones 41st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 47th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 47th
A5576MartynHarrisonUnattached147M454 Preston Park 29th , Newham Grange 5k 31st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 39th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 48th
A5001NathanielSnellOrchard Eagles Running Club62M405 Preston Park 7th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 15th , Lord Stones 16th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 24th
A5693OwenSnellUnattached529MY5 Newham Grange 5k 87th , Lord Stones 123rd , Pinchinthorpe 5k 157th , Preston Park 162nd
A5673PaulStrettonUnattached277M504 Pinchinthorpe 5k 58th , Preston Park 59th , Lord Stones 69th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 91st
A5504PaulHaydonFell Runners Association263M504 Newham Grange 5k 49th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 70th , Preston Park 71st , Pinchinthorpe 5k 73rd
A5520PaulNobleRedcar Running Club176M555 Newham Grange 5k 27th , Preston Park 38th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 55th , Lord Stones 56th
A5607PaulMcDermottRedcar Running Club52M504 Newham Grange 5k 9th , Preston Park 10th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 16th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 17th
A5611PaulHavisUnattached162M504 Lord Stones 28th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 35th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 36th , Preston Park 63rd
A5737PaulineRansonHartlepool Burn Road Harriers528F554 Newham Grange 5k 93rd , Preston Park 139th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 140th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 156th
A5859Peter RoxbyLonely Goat Running Club343M454 Newham Grange 5k 55th , Lord Stones 94th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 97th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 97th
A5793PhilBainesStockton Striders AC299M405 Newham Grange 5k 47th , Preston Park 79th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 83rd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 90th
A5648PhilipWallisUnattached376M555 Newham Grange 5k 65th , Lord Stones 97th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 103rd , Preston Park 111st
A5670RayMorleyUnattached362M505 Newham Grange 5k 58th , Lord Stones 96th , Preston Park 100th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 108th
A5662Raymond Carmichael Sedgefield Harriers112M454 Newham Grange 5k 17th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 31st , Lord Stones 31st , Pinchinthorpe 5k 33rd
A5688RobertHampshireUnattached254M504 Newham Grange 5k 43rd , Preston Park 61st , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 75th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 75th
A5707RonniKirkhamRedcar Running Club437F554 Newham Grange 5k 80th , Lord Stones 117th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 118th , Preston Park 122nd
A5718RonnieSherwood New Marske Harriers385M755 Newham Grange 5k 67th , Lord Stones 102nd , Preston Park 103rd , Pinchinthorpe 5k 113rd
A5627Sarah AdamsonBillingham Marsh House Harriers246FY5 Newham Grange 5k 45th , Lord Stones 64th , Preston Park 67th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 70th
A5550ShaunFlewker-barkerRedcar Running Club116MS5 Newham Grange 5k 19th , Preston Park 24th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 36th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 37th
A5870SteBrownBillingham Marsh House Harriers32MS4 Newham Grange 5k 5th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 9th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 9th , Lord Stones 9th
A5589Stephanie WardRedcar Running Club488F354 Newham Grange 5k 70th , Preston Park 135th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 135th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 148th
A5671StuartHardcastleQuakers Running Club162M604 Newham Grange 5k 26th , Preston Park 37th , Lord Stones 43rd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 56th
A5756SusanFeechanUnattached420F454 Lord Stones 91st , Preston Park 107th , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 108th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 114th
A5758TammyCookFetch Everyone562F404 Newham Grange 5k 94th , Lord Stones 154th , Preston Park 155th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 159th
A5878VerenaEdonUnattached493F404 Newham Grange 5k 84th , Pinchinthorpe 5k 127th , Lord Stones 132nd , The Pine Forest 5k Trail 150th